The 15th Infantry Regiment Association

Dedicated to the members of the 15th Infantry Regiment
--past, present, and future

Celebrating 153 years of continuous service to our Army
The 15th Infantry traces our official Army lineage to the 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry constituted on 3 May 1861 by
General Order Number 33.  See our
history and visit one of the battlefields on which the Regulars served from 1862
to 1864 in the Army of the Cumberland.
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Can Do soldier selected as the next Sergeant Major of the Army
CSM Daniel Dailey became the 15th Sergeant Major of the Army on 30 January 2015. He previously served as the
TRADOC CSM. CSM Dailey served with the 1st Battalion during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Visit the
Army Times article
for details.
Regimental Dinner Scheduled for 12 June 2015
The Association will once again host a Regimental Dinner on 12 June 2015 at the Embassy Suites in North
Charleston, SC. The dinner is open to anyone wishing to attend. We'll have an entertaining mix of music,
colorful updates from the 1st and 3rd Battalions, and a little history. This will be a fun evening and a great
opportunity to visit with friends and old buddies and make new acquaintances.
here for more information and to register and pay by check or online.
24th Infantry Division, Desert Storm 24th Anniversary Reunion To Be Held 26-27 February at Fort Stewart
Former members of the 3rd Battalion who deployed with the 24th ID are invited to the 24th Anniversary of Desert Storm, 24th ID Reunion to
be held at Ft. Stewart on Thursday, Feb 26th and Friday, Feb 27th. Full details are found on the
Reunion Facebook page.

Econo Lodge Hinesville will serve as the 24th ID HQ Hotel for the 24th Desert Storm Reunion. Special 24th ID Reunion Rates are $38 for
single room or $43/night for double bed room. Activities like golf and recreational opportunities are scheduled for Thursday, Feb 26th. On
Friday the 27th there is a wreath laying ceremony, unit tours, and other events. See the
Facebook page for full details. When calling the
Econo Lodge for reservations be sure to state that you are with the 24th Infantry Division Desert Storm Reunion.
Objectives Of Our Association

To perpetuate and foster the history and traditions of the Regiment.
To provide opportunities for uniting past and present members of the Regiment into a close and cooperative alliance.
To promote morale and high esprit de corps among members of the Regiment.
To acquire and maintain a repository of Regimental historical memorabilia.
To assist in the maintenance of monuments dedicated to the 15th Infantry Regimental units.