The 15th Infantry Regiment Association

Dedicated to the members of the 15th Infantry Regiment
--past, present, and future

Celebrating 154 years of continuous service to our Army
The 15th Infantry traces our official Army lineage to the 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry constituted on 4 May 1861 by
General Order Number 33.  See our
history and visit one of the battlefields on which the Regulars served from 1862
to 1864 in the Army of the Cumberland.
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3rd Battalion Dedication Ceremony of Company Operations Facility
The 3rd Battalion conducted a Renaming Dedication Ceremony to honor the memory of CSM Robert
who received the Sliver Star for heroic actions at OBJ Curley during OIF I in 2003. The
Ceremony took place at the Battalion COF, 504 Rally Point Rd, Bldg 8422, Fort Stewart on
Monday, 16 November 2015 at 1300 hrs. The Gallagher family attended. Comments were made by
MG Rainey, COL(R) Danny McKnight, and Patrick Gallagher.
Objectives Of Our Association

To perpetuate and foster the history and traditions of the Regiment.
To provide opportunities for uniting past and present members of the Regiment into a close and cooperative alliance.
To promote morale and high esprit de corps among members of the Regiment.
To acquire and maintain a repository of Regimental historical memorabilia.
To assist in the maintenance of monuments dedicated to the 15th Infantry Regimental units.
1st Battalion Inactivation Events Held on 15 December 2015
LTC Tanner  and CSM Mabrey of the 1st Bn hosted a series of send off events to commemorate the
inactivation of the 1st Battalion at Ft. Benning throughout the afternoon and evening of 15 December.
Events included a formal Ceremony on Sledgehammer Field and Dinner at the Nat'l Infantry Museum.
The 1st Battalion Colors were cased. The Battalion was inactivated for the first time in over 70 years.
China Room Update
LT Lund and the former 1st Battalion Team spent the Holiday period packing the China Room. Our thanks to LTC Tanner and the entire
Battalion for their monumental efforts involved in properly cataloging, obtaining boxes, and packing the history of our Regiment. When packing
was completed the entire repository of memorabilia was shipped to Fort Stewart, the new home for the China Room. Donations are being
accepted to defray the cost of packing and transportation.
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