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The 15th Infantry Regiment in October to December 1863 by Mark W. Johnson
In the aftermath of the Battle of Chickamauga, the Army of the Cumberland and the Regulars of the 15th Infantry found themselves bottled up in the town of

After being cooped up in Chattanooga for two months, the Army of the Cumberland was spoiling for a fight by November 1863. But there was some confusion
among the Federal troops. Grant had ordered General Thomas only to advance to the base of Missionary Ridge on November 25th and capture the first line
of Confederate rifle pits, hoping the move would prevent Bragg from sending additional forces northward against Sherman. As that order hurriedly made its
way through the various corps, divisions, and brigades, most Federal commanders thought they had been ordered to either take the ridge itself or that they
were to do so after taking the lower line of rifle pits.

Confused or not, the first step was to reach the base of Missionary Ridge. The Federal line advanced at 3:40 P.M., Thomas’s four divisions totaling about
24,000 troops in eleven brigades. Major Edie gave the Regular battalions the command to move forward and the lines lurched into motion, the nervous
Regulars picking their way through the sparse trees while trying to maintain proper alignment. At the edge of the wood line, the battalion commanders briefly
halted their commands, dressed up the ranks and had their men fix bayonets. The battalion commanders then yelled: “Forward! Double quick! March!” With
their rifles at right shoulder shift, the Regulars emerged into the open. Confederate artillery replied to the advance with a deluge of projectiles. The enemy
fire was erratic and casualties few as the Regulars advanced. Nervous Confederates at the base of the ridge in front of Edie’s battalions, elements of the 4th
and 5th Tennessee of Brig. Gen. Otho F. Strahl’s Brigade, fired some scattered shots and then headed for the crest. The story was the same along the
entire Union line: the enemy manning the lower line of rifle pits fled. Jubilant Federals, not realizing their opponents were following orders, cheered and ran
even faster.
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The 15th Infantry traces our official Army lineage to the 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry constituted on 3 May 1861 by General Order Number 33.  See our
history and visit one of the battlefields on which the Regulars served from 1862 to 1864 in the Army of the Cumberland.
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