China Service Photo Gallery

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Various uniforms of the Regiment in China

NARA photo of Regimental Band in Tientsin in 1927

George C. Marshall VMI Class of 1901 with other staff officers

Company G in a company photo on or about 1936

NARA photo of the Mounted Section in Tientsin in 1927

NARA photo of a Regimental formation in Tientsin in 1927

NARA photo of the Reg't formed in front of the former German Barracks in Tientsin in 1927

NARA photo of Service Company in Tientsin in 1927

15th Infantry at the defenses of the American Barracks in Tientsen. World Wide Press photo is dated August 23, 1937

Courtesy Bill Lischeid. Major Newton W. Speece assigned with his family to Tientsin China from July 1934 to July 1936

Courtesy Bill Lischeid. Company H boxing team members

Courtesy Bill Lischeid. Field rations in the desert.

Courtesy Bill Lischeid. M1903 qualification.

Courtesy Bill Lischeid. Mounted troops