Frequently Asked Questions
Why PayPal? -- PayPal offers online security that other payment services cannot match. None of your
credit card information is seen or stored with the Association.
Do I need a PayPal account? – No. After you select the amount and click on "Pay Now" you are
transferred to There you have the option to logon to your current PayPal account or pay
without a PayPal account.
Why do I need to enter "Street Address to Apply Dues"? -- We need ensure the payment is
applied to the correct street address. Some users may be using accounts setup with businesses that
may have a different billing/shipping address.
Will I get email verification? – Yes, PayPal sends you an email verifying your payment. You also
receive an email from the Association verifying membership.
Is the Association verified by PayPal? -- Yes. To become Verified, the Association provided PayPal
with proof that we have an existing account at a bank or other financial institution. Because these
institutions are required by law to screen account holders, the PayPal verification process increases
security when you pay the Association.
How are my yearly dues used?  -- Monies collected for dues are added to the general fund. This
fund is used for production of the Regimental Newsletter
The Dragon, postage, to purchase plaques
for each battalion soldier of the year, memorial plaques, and other miscellaneous expenses.

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